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WorkWell Consultants believes healthy employees are your best business strategy. We help organizations take clear, concise actions to improve employee health outcomes, manage program costs and prioritize wellness in the workplace. We’re powered by data and driven by you.

What does WorkWell do?

WorkWell is the trusted partner for organizations who understand that healthy employees fuel healthy businesses. Our combination of human-centered healthcare interactions and powerful data analysis engages your workforce, generates results and builds dynamic, sustainable organizations from the inside out.

Collaboration is ingrained in our DNA. We work hand-in-hand with businesses at every stage of wellness programming, and cultivate a rich ecosystem of partners, brokers and platforms to ensure our solutions are as personalized as health itself. No matter your organization’s needs, we meet them with a flexible cost structure and our hallmark positivity.

Biometric Screenings

The first step in maximizing your health and wellness efforts is understanding your company’s current health profile. By planning, staffing and scheduling on-site health screenings from start to finish, we make it easy for businesses to build this crucial foundation.

Our health and biometric screenings act as a barometer for your employees’ lifestyles, health risks, attitudes about health and barriers to success. But they’re also so much more. With a 97.6% screening satisfaction rate, WorkWell ensures that employees have a positive experience with your wellness program from the moment we arrive on-site.

Wellness your way:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the health indicators that impact your workforce most
  • Test results delivered in real time, and knowledgeable professionals to help each employee understand recommended next steps for maintenance, treatment, monitoring and follow-up care
  • A stress-free screening environment with seasoned staff and impeccable logistics
  • A flexible, cost-effective solution that meets your organization where it is today, no matter your location or size

Incentive Consultation & Management

At the heart of wellness is action, and our specialists motivate your employees to do just that. We craft customized incentive programs that meet your business where it is today and bridge the gap toward a healthier tomorrow. The result? Healthier people and a healthier bottom line.

By simplifying and managing your wellness program, we pave the way for robust participation and undeniable results. From setup and administration to compliance reporting, our in-house staff is ready to take your program to the next level.

Wellness your way:

  • A collaborative team who works seamlessly with yours, from insurance brokers to existing programs and partners
  • A dedicated account manager to keep your program on track and meet your unique, immediate needs
  • Proven expertise in designing and managing both participation- and outcomes-based wellness programs

Data Collection, Reporting & Insights

Although wellness can’t be defined by a single metric, data is key to knowing what about your program is working, and what can be optimized. By blending business strategy with data analysis, WorkWell uncovers the meaning – and humanity – in your health data. Our years of screenings have yielded integrated, customized data sets that amplify the power of the data we collect for your program.

Our comprehensive reports turn health assessment data into meaningful insights for both individuals and organizations, tracking year-over-year metrics and helping you evaluate the effectiveness of your wellness programs. Our systems ensure your employee and client data is secure, private and remains confidential.

Wellness your way:

  • Predictive modeling that transforms data into powerful insights to guide your wellness program strategy
  • Organizational health roadmaps that outline concrete strategies for creating a stronger wellness culture within your workforce
  • Seamless data integration with most wellness portals and TPAs, and immediate uploads following screening events
  • A variety of reports customized to provide as little, or as much, data as you’d like


From our Account Managers, to our Schedulers and Screening staff, we take pride in our work! Being engaging and professional is our number one goal and it shows in the feedback we receive from our groups.

“Once we were connected with WorkWell Consultants, things went really well. Our scheduler was very thorough providing material for us to administer the program and deliver information to employees. Our employees were 100% prepared and the screening was so smooth we were done ahead of schedule.”

“The person that conducted our onsite screening was very professional and personable – easy to work with and efficient”

“The technician that was assigned to our facility was extremely good at his job. I heard from several staff how much they enjoyed his personality and professionalism”

“The consultant that came to our office was AMAZING! She was able to answer all of our questions, VERY friendly and helpful! We would love to have her come back to our location next time! 5 stars to her!”

“Our scheduler was very accommodating in helping get the wellness screening scheduled and our onsite individual was great!”

Why WorkWell Consultants?

There’s nothing more seamlessly ingrained in our lives than health itself. Our team is home to caring, innovative leaders dedicated to making high-quality wellness programs accessible for every organization. Meet the visionaries shaping our dynamic wellness philosophy.

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Wellness is a journey, not an endpoint, and we’re here to enhance that journey every step of the way. Let WorkWell help you achieve a wellness program that transforms your organization from the inside out.

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